A country cottage can be fenced with the most common chain link or profiled metal sheets.

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However, thanks to modern processing technologies, your fence can truly become a work of art. With laser cutting, you can make a fence or a gate not just a basic functional element (protecting strangers from entering your property), but also as an art piece that frames your landscape design.

Laser cut panels will help you create a beautiful artistic effect. If you want to transform your yard, addition of decorative fence panels will help achieve a drastic change and its appearance will definitely transform.

Perforating metal – whether for functional or decorative purposes – has always been a difficult task. Formerly, this was achieved by drilling holes and subsequent sawing of the metal, or alternatively by stamping, however, every method required extensive manual processing, which rendered these products very expensive.

Presently, fencing manufacturers are increasingly relying on the use of newly available technologies that help reduce production costs while facilitating implementation of intricate functional and design features.

Therefore, today the pattern for decorative panels is made by using laser cutting methods. Currently, laser cutting is the most effective metal processing technique, due to its undeniable advantages:

1. Ability to process products of different thicknesses

2. Eliminates contact between the laser and the metal surface, which makes it possible to process fragile brittle and easily misshapen pieces.

3. It is easy to engrave and cut products made of hard alloys, as well as thin steel.

4. Has a low degree of error, even when implementing the most difficult tasks.

5. Fast speed in metal processing.

6. Facilitates low volume batches: laser cutting eliminates the need for casts and dies, thereby reducing production setup costs.

You can use decorative fence panels either by incorporating it into your fence as an accent or centerpiece, or to create a gorgeous look. This will be an effective fence that does not require much maintenance.

Decorative fence panels can be incorporated as an accent, or a design center piece, or to highlight a beautiful view. No matter the design, it will be a functional fence that requires little to no maintenance.

Once installed, you will not need paint. Patterns can be very diverse, you can create your own unique design, which is now considered both sophisticated and trendy.

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