Our railing panels add an artistic accent to the décor of any indoor space. by adding one of our stunning laser cut metal trailing panels your staircase can become a focal piece. With the help of our designers we can turn a simple staircase into a masterpiece that will set the tone for your entire decor theme, or complement a theme that you already have.

Laser Cut Art Most Popular Interior Metal Railing Panels

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Custom Metal Interior Metal Railing Panels

We will adjust our panels to your project

Our highly customized and made to measure laser cut railing panels can be inserted into existing wood framed staircase  or could be entirely replaced by a full metal art railing. Full replacement would include metal posts, panels and handrails.


Our lasercut metal panels could be of different shapes and sizes to meet your project. As example, same panel pattern could be used for privacy screen, railing, deck insert, wall art, gate and etc.

 Interior Metal Railing Panels

Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to last. We use the best equipment available, with high-grade steel, stainless steel or aluminum. All products are powder coated to protect them from wear and tear and maintaining its beauty overtime.

Metal Options

Stainless Steel No.4 Brushed Finish does not rust and has its own beautiful brushed finish. Available thickness: 1/16″, 1/8″.

If you have organic preference Cooper might be one of the great options. It is a corrosion resistant material and when exposed outdoors it develops a patina which is a colour change that gives material a unique look.
Available thickness : 1/8″

Does not rust; light weight material. Available thickness: 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″.

Regular steel. Could be galvanized per your request. Available thickness: 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″.

Powder Coating Finishing Options

Please note that colour samples that are shown online could appear different due to variations in browsers and monitors. Since it’s impossible to ensure our online colors will look the identical on all computers, we don’t guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the particular colour.

Custom Colour Panels

We have more colours to choose from

Each custom size privacy metal panel we create is different as every piece is created to meet your specifications. From the type of material used, to the pattern chosen allowing varying levels of light through, all the way down to the thickness each piece is made to fit your space.

Mounting Options

Option 1

1/4″ mounting holes around edge of panel

Option 2

1/4″ countersunk mounting holes around edge of panel

Option 3


Option 4


Option 5

Welded square tube frame with floor mounts

Option 6

Welded on angles tabs

Option 7

Welded square tube frame with extended tubes for concrete inset

Option 8

Welded square tube frame

Option 9

Bolt on angle tabs

Option 10

Cap head standoffs


Do you have a question, comment or picture of your new metal art you want to share? We would to hear from you.

Benefits of Metal Arts’ works

Unique WOW factor

Always a good present or decor element

Laser cut quality

Laser cutting outperforms plasma cutting

High quality materials

Use of the best steel and aluminium


Withstands wear and tear

Easy to install

Variety of mounting options

Easy maintenance

Long lasting products

Made in Canada

At Laser Cut Arts we are proud to designу, laser cut, finish and coat all our products in Canada

A quick word from our customers

Outdoor Railing

Our new aluminum railing looks amazing. It is beautiful, durable and unique. Great work, great service.

— Lisa | Markham | ON

Indoor Railing

My main idea was to decorate hallway with the new railing. LaserCutArt not only did great railing but also suggested design and style that fit great into my interior. I am very happy!

— Natalia | North York | ON