Backyard and garden gates are often the forgotten factor when it comes to home décor. While it is important for homeowners to ensure that these gates are secure and durable, there is no reason for them to not look beautiful.

LaserCutArt has a wide range of stunning designs for use on backyard gates. Catering for everything from the traditional look to something more contemporary, we have something to suit everyone’s tastes. Why not turn your garden gate into a work of art that your entire family can enjoy?

All of our products are made from high-quality aluminum, and the designs are cut using state of the art precision equipment. The final effect is created with powder coating in a black colour.

20 % OFF pick up coupon only applies to pre size panels, fire pit rings and wall art that are offered in the online shop. It does not apply to gates, privacy screens or any other custom size panels or products.

Custom Backyard Laser Cut Gates

We will adjust our gates to your project

For design options refer to the gallery below. Also keep in mind that any pattern seen on our designs & products page could be turned into a gate to help carry your theme throughout your space. 

Each gate is made to measure! 

Aluminum Backyard Gates

Best way to make a great  first impression

Our entire laser cut backyard gates are made of aluminum to ensure weather resistance and allow for easy and long lasting installation. Aluminum is light weight which means the posts and fence would not be impacted. 

Structural Specifications

Welded 6061 aluminum 1.25″ square tubing

Aluminum laser cut gate panel powder-coated in black matte finish. Custom finishes available. Please Check our designs.

Do you need aluminum posts? They are not included with the gate. Please inquire if you need aluminum posts and for pricing.

Hinges & Latch Options

Won’t rust, bind, sag or stain

KwikFit™ General-Purpose Polymer Gate Hinges are affordable, general-purpose gate hinges suitable for many light- to medium-weight gates around homes and gardens. Tough, engineering-grade polymers and stainless-steel closing springs provide hinges designed to last, with no rusting, binding, sagging or staining.

These hinges are included with our gates.

These polymer hinges were devised to overcome all the problems associated with conventional gate hinges – rust, binding, sagging and staining. The TruClose HEAVY DUTY range of hinges are designed for heavy or high-traffic gates weighing up to 70kg. The engineering-grade polymers and a stainless-steel closing spring deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime.

If you would like to upgrade to these hinges please inquire for pricing.

The T-Latch® toggle-action gate latch is remarkably simple and effective. The pivot-style latch bolt toggles vertically to not only engage the gate but also helps overcome gate sag and ground movement.

This latch is included with our gate.

LokkLatch® REGULAR is the ideal general-purpose gate latch for many gates around home, gardens and back yards.The LokkLatch is made of super-strong, rust-free polymers and stainless-steel components that won’t rust or corrode, making the latch tough and reliable. Side-fixing legs provide easy fitting alignment and extra fixing strength.

If you would like to upgrade to this latch please inquire for pricing.

LokkLatch® DELUXE is the ultimate privacy and security gate latch for homes and industrial areas. It operates and locks from both sides of the gate, and so eliminates the need for padlocks, chains or handle-holes in gates. The LokkLatch DELUXE is made of super-strong, rust-free polymers and stainless steel components, so it’s tough and durable.

If you would like to upgrade to this latch please inquire for pricing.


Do you have a question, comment or picture of your new metal art you want to share? We would like to hear from you.

Benefits of Metal Artwork

Unique WOW factor

Always a good present or decor element

Laser cut quality

Laser cutting outperforms plasma cutting

High quality materials

Use of the best steel and aluminium


Withstands wear and tear

Easy to install

Variety of mounting options

Easy maintenance

Long lasting products

Made in Canada

At LaserCutArt we are proud to design, laser cut, finish and coat all our products in Canada

A quick word from our customers

Aluminum gate

We wanted gate design to match fence toppers that we already ordered at LaserCutArt. Sofya did a great job by creating a gate design that matched fence toppers. Our aluminum backyard gates look fantastic!

— Robert | Woodbridge | ON

Aluminum gate

Gate was custom made per our request. It was delivered and installed on time. We are very happy with the final result.

— Richard | Hamilton | ON