Welcome to LaserCutArt located in Canada. We serve Toronto/GTA/Simcoe/Peel/Durham areas in Ontario, Canada and also ship our products throughout all Canada and USA. LaserCutArt specializes in pre size and custom metal decor panels, aluminum privacy screens, aluminum backyard gates, railings, personalized fire pit ring, metal wall art and personalized metal art. We provide a large selection of products to our clients that are made from aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

In today’s modern age any residential house or commercial unit can be easily given its own unique look with our pre size and highly customizable metal decorative panels. From your work space to the interior or exterior of your home we can help you achieve the look you want.

Laser Cut Metal Panels

Created to meet your specifications

150+ panels designs
to create stylish decoration

4 material options
to fit your needs and budget

5+ finishing options
to fit your needs and budget

Custom design option
to follow your inspiration

Easy for installations
to fit your needs and budget

From 30% to 90% black out
privacy options

Our metal decorative panels are multi-functional as they could be to define a space, to create privacy, to add as décor to your walls, to decorate your fence or deck, and even to create a beautiful entry way to your space.

  • Horse Privacy Panel

    $ 310 – $ 610 $ 260 – $ 560
  • Wolf Family Privacy Panel

    $ 310 – $ 610 $ 260 – $ 560
  • Geometric Style 1 Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Classic Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Marihuana Leaves Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Herb Leaves Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Duck Family Privacy Panel

    $ 310 – $ 610 $ 260 – $ 560
  • Modern Triangles Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Feather Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Ijolite Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Fern Leaves Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Classy fence toppers

    $ 230 – $ 730 $ 180 – $ 680
  • Splash Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Star Flower Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
  • Circle Ornament Privacy Panel

    $ 240 – $ 740 $ 190 – $ 690
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Multifunctional Metal Privacy Panels

Art that serves a practical purpose

We strongly believe in the idea that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for a function. Not only do our pieces serve a practical purpose but they also bring beauty to any space.  Our original design solutions for your home, office or restaurant environment bring an artistic element along with practicality (room dividers, gates, railings, privacy screens, business logo signs, railing inserts, interior and exterior wall art décor)

Decor Panels Manufacturing Options

If you have a project and you would like us to design a special piece for it our design team will work together with you to accommodate all your questions. Most of our products are custom sized.

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Any piece could be personalized with any wording or saying. It makes our products special.

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 Most of our products are custom sized. As example, each backyard gate is different in size and has to be custom sized per clients requests.

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Aluminum Stock Decore Panels

8 most popular sizes to choose

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Custom Made Metal Panels

Make your own shape and design

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Laser Cut Arts Most Popular Categories

Stock Laser Cut Metal Decor Panels

Decor Privacy Panels offered in the most popular sizes that are ready for installation

Our pre size decor privacy aluminum panels are offered in different styles  to allow you find the design that suits your style. In addition, all our pre size panel designs could be made into a custom size panels. If you are looking for a specific size each of our pre size panel designs has Custom request button.

Store pre-sized panels

Our lasercut metal panels could be of different shapes and sizes to meet your project. As example, same panel pattern could be used for privacy screen, railing, deck insert, wall art, gate and etc.

Powder Coating Finishing Options

Powder Coating is a finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to a surface as a free-floating, dry powder before heat is utilized to complete the coating.  Powder coating is a finishing process that yields a thick, hard finish that is harder than regular paints.

Mounting Options

0.2″d (5mm) mounting holes around edge of panel

All our pre size stock decor aluminum panels come with this mounting. We offer more mounting options for custom panels.

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Outdoor Decoration Panels

Please look at different options where our panels are used:

Our pre size decor aluminum panels are offered in different styles and could be used for different purposes.  Same pre size aluminum decor panel could be used to create multiple pieces such as gate insert, deck panel or outdoor privacy screen panel to carry your design theme throughout your exterior space.

Privacy Screens Panels
Deck Panels
Railing Metal Panels
Fence Decorative Panels
Fence Toppers Decor Panels
Pergola Screens
Outdoor Wall Decor Panels
Backyard Gates
Driveway Gates


Do you have a question, comment or picture of your new metal art you want to share? We would like to hear from you.

Interior Decoration Panels

Contemporary style in home decor

Pre size decor aluminum panels could be utilized in your indoor space. They could be hang as a wall art and be an accent piece in your living room or be used as a room divider panels. In addition to pre size panels , our custom decorative pieces are unique in that they are made to size and can be used for different purposes. Same custom made art designs or patterns could be used to create multiple pieces to carry your design theme throughout your interior space. Not only can you choose from an array of our own custom designs and patterns that are found in our shop, but we could also bring to life any design or drawing you may have to create your very own personalized and one of a kind metal art.

Wall Decor Panels
Railing Panels
Ceiling Decor Panels
Room Divider Panels

Benefits of Laser Cutting Panels Manufacturing

Unique WOW factor

Always a good present or decor element

Laser cut quality

Laser cutting outperforms plasma cutting

High quality materials

Use of the best steel and aluminium


Withstands wear and tear

Easy to install

Variety of mounting options

Easy maintenance

Long lasting products

Made in Canada

At LaserCutArt we are proud to design, laser cut, finish and coat all our products in Canada

Our Latest Projects

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A quick word from our customers

Custom fire pit ring

We are in love with our custom fire pit ring. It’s very nice and elegant looking. The design and size is perfect for our backyard. Thank you LaseCutArt for putting the thought and creativity into your work.

Leboeuf Family | Horseshoe Valley | ON

Backyard gates

I am very pleased with the backyard gates that LaserCutArt did for us. They look amazing! Very professional service.  

— S. Kharitonov |  Barrie | ON

Privacy screen and railing

Our privacy screen and railings are so unique and look amazing. Thank you for the great work. 

Melkonyan family | Vaughan | ON

Personalized monogram

 Monogram that I ordered looks fantastic. Definitely recommend their products.  

Aleksandra. L. | Newmarket | ON

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