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Decorative panels in the interior

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Metal decorative panels and screens

If you are planning a renovation and the question is “Which materials to choose to be high qualitative but having the reasonable price», we know the answer.
The best solution for interior decoration is decorative screens made of aluminum. This is a high relevant building modern material, and it will stay for many years. In addition to the fact that screens look very modern, they practically do not need maintenance and will delight you with their look for a fairly long period of time.
The main advantages of decorative metal panels made of aluminum in the interior design
• Save space
The general thickness of aluminum screens is 2.5 mm – 3mm. For a tight room partitions and panels made of decorative metal panels will help to save space and will enlarge it.
• Design
You can add any pattern you want to the decorative aluminum panel. Therefore the interior of the room that you design will not depend on the assortment of the store.
• Durability
Decorative metal panels made of aluminum are not affected by moisture, direct sunlight, alkalis and acids. In any conditions they will serve you up to 30 years.
• Fire resistance
Decorative aluminum panels do not burn so it makes sense to install them in buildings with high safety requirements.
• Price control
The cost of the aluminum screen is low but always depends on what kind of processing and what kind of design you order. Therefore you can control the price by correlating it with the funds allocated for the purchase of construction materials.
• Eco-friendly
Aluminum is actively used in eco-architecture. And there are many reasons for this. Firstly, aluminum is non-toxic, secondly no more than 26 kg of greenhouse gases are released per ton of aluminum, and thirdly aluminum products can be recycled by almost 100% and put into a repeated cycle of use with almost no losses.
* Easy to install
Metal decorative panels have a low weight so they are attached either to a metal crate or directly to the wall in a horizontal or vertical position. It depends on the client’s wishes.

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