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Zone division with decorative metal panels

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Many spaces need division into zones:

in the kitchen – separate the dining and working areas;

in the bedroom – allocate space for an office;

in the living room – equip areas for work, entertainment, relaxation all of which will increase the comfort of the entire household;

in a one-room apartment/loft – dividers for sleeping areas.

There are many reasons for this.

The main goal of any space zoning is to solve the everyday household problem while preserving a sense of integrity of the space so that the members of the whole family feel comfortable in it.

Zone separation can be easily achieved with laser-cut panels that seamlessly fit into the interior design while complementing it.

In the modern world, any residential building or commercial facility can be transformed and get a new look thanks to laser-cut patterns.

The most modern and cost-effective way of metal processing is laser cutting, which creates drawings on a panel that can be used to separate spaces. It operates according to a certain principle. The basis of this technology is exposure to a focused beam with high power and the absorption of such radiation by the metal. Consequently, the beam has a focal point thermal effect on the material. The result is instant melting, boiling, evaporation and combustion in a fraction of 1 mm² of metal. The place where the laser exposure took place becomes an even, smooth cut line.

To cut a thick sheet, the material must be heated by a laser until its melting point is reached. Then the hot drops are blown out by a strong gas flow and at the same time the adjacent parts of the sheet are cooled. If oxygen or air is used, the effect of the laser becomes even stronger by burning, which creates additional heat. With the help of blowing, not only particles of molten metal are removed, but also the resulting products of the oxidation reaction.

Installed panels with laser cut patterns are durable, resilient to wear and tear. Panels with a laser cut pattern are very easy to install, with a variety of mounting options.

Patterned panels have a wide variety of functions such as defining a space, decorating a wall, fence or terrace, they can create privacy as well as a beautiful entrance to the space.

Buying special equipment for laser cutting is very expensive, so it is easier and more cost effective to order from companies who specialize in it to make the patterns you need.

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